Saturday, August 20, 2016


So I had a plan to workout on vacation. Things DID NOT go according to plan. Yes there was lots of walking and such, up and down Huntington Beach Pier, but that was the extent of the exercise. I didn't eat a whole lot which I know is not good for me but at least i didn't intake as many calories as I could have.

I did however wake up this morning and go to the gym to go to my aqua fit class. Tomorrow i do plan to go to the gym in the morning to do maybe an hour of cardio. We will see how my kne holds up. I do have to work an 8 hour shift tomorrow so I have to be careful.

I am waiting for the training sessions to start! Oh how excited I am for that to begin. Then I can really get down to work in the gym and loose some wight and gain some energy. Which brings me to my next point of my nutrition. I need to go back to eating healthy. Today wasn't so bad, I had a chicken Caeser salad for lunch. Although the lucky charms and fat free milk this morning didn't help. Dinner was mostly a disaster. I went to Baker's for dinner. Granted i changed the bun to a whole wheat one, there was still the half pound of fries and the 30 ounce soda. I reached almost 10,000 steps today, which is really good. 

We shall see what tomorow brings. I am aiming for 15,000 steps. I will let you know if I reach that goal!

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